Sea Horse Stables is a Training facility for all levels of riders and horses, Trainer/Consultant Kristen Abbatiello-Neff can provide you and your horse with personalized care and professional training in a friendly, beautiful and state of the art environment.  Kristen along with her management team of professionals firmly believe in sound horsemanship, teamwork and strong basics for both the competitive and the pleasure horse/rider.  Our team strives for all riders to achieve their personal goals in a positive and rewarding progression.  Having experience in equine rehabilitation, competitive Hunter, Jumper, Equitation and Dressage disciplines we are happy to tailor a program for you and your horses’ individual goals/needs.



Horse Care and Training Philosophy

  Our management team believes in promoting a healthy and positive environment.  Always making our priorities the welfare of the horse and rider.  We start with monitoring horses general health, nutrition, individual maintenance and special needs, we believe that good health management and behavior observation is the first step to success.  We also believe that riders and their horses need to have a solid foundation of strong basics and understanding of appropriate physical conditioning. 


We will create an individualized program of flat and jumping lessons with supplemental professional conditioning or schooling to suit each specific horses needs.  Finding a balance between physical fitness, mental health and trust is the key to success for both the horse and rider.


Flat lessons focus on core strengthening of the rider, creating engagement and self carriage of the horse, stamina, balance, exercises over poles, USEF testing, transition work, variation of


Rehabilitative Care and Training Board

Sea Horse Stables has a knowledgeable team of professionals with both medical and therapeutic riding experience. We can safely put your horse back into a program after time off or recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. A Treadmill and Electromagnetic massage blanket, boots and wraps are available for Rehabilitation and Maintenance of your horses well being. We have a variety of paddock sizes with all weather footing to accommodate special needs. Rehabilitation and Training Board packages are available upon request. Rehabilitative Riding is done by a professional and is not in lieu of exercise riding.

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